Fan Art

Hi di hi kinky boi’s 😉 Been a while since I updated but finally have a new update and its to show off a create piece of art work a fan made of me 🙂  I absolutely love it, it looks awesome 🙂


Hi Di Hi one and all, Been a bit quiet on here so thought I would post a quick update about what I’ve been up to.  Last Saturday I finally began my full body laser and did the first of 8 sessions and next Saturday I have my 12th session on my face.  I’m currently…

Back From My Holiday

Hi Di Hi Everyone, Just a quick update to let everyone know im back from a fantastic holiday in Brazil 🙂  I would recommend everyone should go once in their life there its an amazing beautiful crazy country. x Robyn x

Away on holiday

Hey Everyone, Just a quick message to let everyone know that I wont be available for a while as I go away on holiday today.  A month in Brazil woop woop 🙂  I’ll be back and back to work on the 28th March.  Try to enjoy the fab British weather while im soaking up the…

My Nails

Hey guys, girls and inbetweeners, Been a while since my last post so just a quick update to let you all know im still around and kicking,   Just had my nails done a lovely red with a black tip by my flat mate and they are looking fantastic 🙂 so big cuddle for her…

Health Check

Hi di hi everyone, Im going for my monthly health check today.  I’m sure everything will be ok but always nice to know for sure and ofcourse I look after my health for my self and from that the health of my clients to 🙂 Going to go grab my bike from my previous flat…


Hi di Hi one and all, So while still suffering from Saturdays painful laser session.  I’ve decided that’s not enough pain lol and I’ve got a session of a full body wax today so owww once more lol but at least I’ll be lovely and smooth 🙂 X Robyn x


Hi di Hi everyone, So I’m off for another session of Laser Hair Removal today on my face owwwww.  Session number 11 today but defo worth all the time and money its taking, really seeing the results 🙂  Wish me luck everyone Hoping everyone has a fab weekend 🙂 x Robyn x